Optimus Tetris Blanket

Optimus Tetris Blanket, based on the Tetris Baby Blanket by Gracie Lou Who, using 8 skeins of Cascade Pacific in beautiful, bright ROY G BIV colours.



This piece was more than a year in the making and is a gift for my fabulous nephew. Shout out to the fantastic The Yarn Studio for the backwards knitting tutorial and Indieway Yarns for giving me the push to make it over the finish line!


Fair Isle Bits Hat

Created with scraps of yarn pilfered from mine and my mother’s collections, the Fair Isle Bits Hat is sized for a 6-12 month old and graced with patterns adapted from 200 Fair Isle Motifs.


Hubbletante Carlisle

Hubbletante Carlisle Mittens, completed at the request of my brilliant, fun and snazzy aunt.

Knit on 1s and 3s following Jared Flood’s Carlisle in Brooklyn Tweed LOFT colourways Cast Iron & Stormcloud.

The neutrality in the yarn calls weather and winter to mind and highlights any colour in the landscape.

Photos by Kenton Trubee

Muttins (Mutti Mittens)

Mutti Mittens, a gift for my brilliant and talented mother, finally completed this January.

Closely patterned after Kerstin Bettig’s Hooked II in Dream in Color Smooshy Electric Mauve and Kraemer Sock Yarn Vanilla.

The slight variation in the yarn creates a touch of interest and movement as the pattern unfolds.

Photos by Andrea Weigand

Cranberry Rosalie

Finished a Fair Isle Hat for my grandmother today. Calling it Cranberry Rosalie.

The pattern can be found here, but I found it in a book at The Yarn Studio, where I also found all the yarn and accoutrements, assistance, advice, and excellent company!

Photos by the wonderful women of The Yarn Studio

Cranberry Rosalie, for Leora Rosalie, December 2012

Spaghettifish Hat Mark II

After creating K’s Flying Spaghettifish Hat from Julie Ridl’s fabulous Jollyfish pattern, I was immediately inspired to make one for myself. Tapping in to my inner girlie girl, I went with a thick worsted Merino blend in charcoal and hot pink.

Also deliberately loosened my floats this time to make sure they didn’t pull in on each other like K’s, which left the ribs floaty and almost separated from the fabric. Next time I’ll carry the same set all the way around like a Fair Isle, and take the time to tack in the floats as I go. Still fun and warm, and good practice!

Flying Spaghetti Fish Hat

While searching the Ravelry files for geekling patterns, I came across Julie Ridl’s brilliant Jollyfish and knew immediately it had to be turned into a hat for K. Debbie Bliss Cashmerino was stunning to work with, and with a happy recipient, my first serious foray into the twisting, tangling world that is Fair Isle + Intarsia + Knitting in the Round was deemed a success.

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