October on the Yangtze

October on the Yangtze

May, 2011

Approx. 15″ x 7″

Fractured Landscapes Series

Many of the pieces in the Fractured Landscapes exhibit are my attempts to recreate memories in glass.

I recall this damp, misty October morning in the oil-slicked sands, my first October in China. Invited by students during the week-long National Holiday to travel to their hometown along the river, sitting cross-legged in the dense, brown sands on folded newspapers.

Peeling fresh mandarin oranges, smaller than the palm of my hand, cracking walnuts between rocks. Telling stories. Singing Celine Dion.

Watching the many colours of the Yangtze drift by, while the movement was still swift and the opaque oils scarred the sands.

That’s what I remember, and brought to life here.


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