Ups & Downs

I’ve been asked to speak this weekend to a coalition of emeritus faculty members about life in China, and since I do not believe I’ll be able to A. convince them that China is perpetually a wonderful and shiny place, or B. dazzle them with my (admittedly significant) mad PowerPoint skizillz, I’ve decided to break my own cardinal rule and put some serious thought and a little writing time into some less savoury aspects of my life in the ‘Ling. (HOW did I not think of that one before?)

Since my last post about China comprised my top five favourites from a snapshot in my brain, and the presentation has to last about an hour, I’ve decided to extend my China considerations to two top-ten lists. Or, perhaps I should say, a Top 10 and a Bottom 10. 

Top 10 Aspects of my China : Bottom 10 Aspects of my China

1. Being a freak                                   1. The ceaseless, invasive attention
2.  Learning to work without                  2. China Face
      engaging the emotions
3. My Chinese Family                            3. Lack of Privacy
4. Sense of Community                         4. Plagiarism
5. Inner Peace                                      5. Fatalism
6. Cultural Diversity                              6. Cultural Appropriation
7. Old Chinese People                          7. Chinese Men
8. Happy New Year!                             8. Happy Everyday!
9. Dichotomies                                     9. Dichotomies
10. Hotpot                                         10. Hotpot

That didn’t start out intentional. I’ll have to ruminate on the ramifications of this.


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